Goodbye, February. Hello, March.

Goodbye, February. Hello, March.
See ya, Winter. Hi, Spring.
So long, cold. Welcome, warmth.
Adios, snowflakes. Hola, raindrops.

A new month. A new season approaches. New opportunities and challenges. Last year, I began journaling as a way to express my feelings, record my thoughts, and reflect in a powerful, yet private, way. This journal sat on my built-ins, near my kitchen table for an entire year. It was for me to open when I felt the need to stop and jot. It made me smile. It brought me tears, but most of all it gave me hope.

Today, marks the first day that I embark on a new journey or “challenge.” I’m new to this bloggin’ thing and hope it brings me more joy than it will annoy.

Hold on journal. Here I come blog.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye, February. Hello, March.

  1. I love this, Julie! I love how your last line mirrors the opening lines – such a great technique!

    This line really struck me: It brought me tears, but most of all it gave me hope. That’s what writing does for me, too.

    I’m so glad you’re trying something new and brave. I hope it fills your soul. I can’t wait to read your stories this month!

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    1. Thank you, Shari. I went to your post from yesterday and I needed to be brave to read on. I am a lot like like the mother you wrote about. I am a mama of two, one here on Earth and one in Heaven. My guess is I may be inspired to share more on this later on in the challenge.


  2. It’s always good to try new things! Hopefully you’ll like it as much as you liked the journaling. I have discovered over time that I like electronic writing more than paper-pencil writing. I have so many documents on my Google Drive!

    Welcome to the #SOL18 !

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  3. I found myself last time I did this excited to write when had a cool idea. It is nice to say some of those things that we may not always have the opportunity to say. I think you will enjoy sharing your ideas.

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