Fever Friday


I heard her door open when I was still in bed, she tiptoed in and said, “Good morning, mama, the garbage truck woke me up.”  I responded, “No problem, honey, come see me.”

The moment I touched her cheek I knew, her skin was hot to the touch.  As we were cheek to cheek in our morning hug, I reached down to touch her bare feet under her fleece pajama pants.  Those were also hot. “How are you sweetie? Your body is so warm.”

“Let’s take her temperature,” I suggested before my husband hopped into the shower.  Sure enough, she has a fever. I began to tell her that her body was so hot, that she needed medicine and must not go to school today.  Of course, the disappointment was evident on her face, as she would miss pajama day with her preschool friends. I reassured her that she could have a pajama day at our home with her daddy.  

My husband went downstairs to complete his sub plans for his health classes today.  Meanwhile, I resumed my morning routine, but not without worrying about my girl. I am hoping a day of rest is just what she needed as we kick off Spring Break this afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Fever Friday

  1. I am sorry to hear she is sick. I hope she feels better quickly so you can have some fun spring break adventures!


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