Sunshine Saturday


We were moving a little slower than usual today, but by mid afternoon, I knew it was time.  We laced up our shoes and went for a stroll in our neighborhood. We navigated our walk by trying to stay in the sunshine for as long as we could.  The temperature in the shade feels drastically cooler than in the sun.  We longed to feel the warmth on our bodies as we have been cooped up inside for so long.

We stopped to notice small buds emerging on the trees.  A nest made of leaves, plastic, and other rubbish made us pause and wonder whose home it was and if  it was a new or old nest.  A cardinal was chirping away above us as we walked under a barren tree.  It was refreshing to be outside and take in a few signs of spring surrounding us.  

We  walked through a small area near our home that we refer to as “circle park”, which contains a pavilion, benches and decorative boulders.  This open space encourages us to roam, play tag and hide and seek. A little stroll through our neighborhood is just what we needed on this sunshine Saturday.

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