Weekend Breakfast Time


It is hard to for me to choose just one favorite thing of about weekends.  One of my favorite times this weekend was…breakfast time. Weekends are the only time all week that our whole family eats this meal together.  During the week, my husband eats on the go. I typically eat while standing in the kitchen as my coffee brews and I bounce between our bags to make sure we are ready for the day.  There is nothing glamorous about our weekday breakfasts during the school year.

On the other hand, our weekend breakfasts are a little more elaborate and a lot more enjoyable.  We gather in the kitchen to prepare our breakfast, sometimes my daughter is the egg mixer or the toaster button pusher.  She loves to be a “helper.” My husband and I prefer eggs of some sort where as my daughter says, “Ewe, eggs!” She prefers toast or cereal with a side of fresh fruit.  Regardless, we all sit down and enjoy a little more breakfast and a lot more conversation together.

I love that we all gather and enjoy breakfast together to kick off our weekend mornings.  This gives us a chance talk about experiences from the previous week and touch base about family happenings and schedules for the upcoming week.  Our weekend breakfast time is very chill at the moment, and I am sure the time may come that we must move a little quicker.  For now, I will savor our weekend breakfasts together.  

9 thoughts on “Weekend Breakfast Time

  1. We don’t get many mornings as a family, but when Pete takes a Saturday off we get all our favorites: eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and fried Greek cheese – definitely not healthy, but a delicious treat every one in a while. I ma glad you enjoyed your family time!

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