Summer Schedule


Out of the blue I heard, “Mama, when can we go to the Riverwalk and get ice cream again?”  My daughter wondered this a few days ago.  I am not sure how this memory came to her mind, but she asked this question with a sense of urgency in her voice.  “Remember when we did that?”

“Yes, dear, I remember.  We did that in the summertime,” I reassured her, “We can do that again this summer.”  What she was recalling was a morning we went to story time at an outdoor amphitheater and then walked a few blocks to receive tickets for free ice cream.  These events lined up a few times in July and we took full advantage of an ice cream cone before lunchtime as a result of seeing a post on Instagram.

Even though Spring has just begun, I do long for summer adventures.  I love to seek out local kids concerts, activities, free ice cream days and outdoor story times in the summer. I comb through library events, events posted on social media, and even our local garden center for some summertime fun.  There truly are endless options for activities, many of which are free. On occasion, we even double up on one outing right before the other, often packing a picnic lunch to eat in a shady spot along the way.

My goal is a few outings each week if we are feeling up for it.  Sometime in May, I begin searching for these activities. I use a good ol’ paper and pencil monthly calendar to jot down options that may occur only once or twice a summer.  I also like to keep a calendar for Monday through Friday options that occur each week. I feel fortunate to live in an area with so many options for us to explore. On top of that, I look forward to the weekly outings my co-workers share in a google doc that allows us a chance to meet up and get the kids together in the summer.  

It’s evident that our summer outings are memorable and bring joy to both of us.  Is it too early to start a countdown to summer fun?

6 thoughts on “Summer Schedule

  1. I think my daughter just asked the same thing the other day! I think we all have warm weather fever!

    Any chance you could share all of your activities??! I do my best but I feel like I’m always missing stuff!

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    1. So funny you ask, one of my coworkers thinks I should begin blogging about the kids activities we find. I rely heavily on maraconi kid website as well as a few others.

      I can certainly share the summer activities I find.


  2. You always come up with great ideas for the summer- you should write a blog.. Or at least send a group text every morning 🙂
    It is not too early to start scheduling summer- I just counted today- 41 more school days left!! Get scheduling!

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  3. I was just wondering the same thing?? I can’t wait for the summer schedule. The sunshine when I can actually feel the warmth gets me really excited about all things summer. I am also hopeful to meet up at some more fun summer activities with you girls this year!

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  4. I am looking forward to summer! I am hoping I can meet you girls before we head to Greece (planning on going, but nothing is for sure). Definitely need to do Turtle Splash!

    I agree with Cara though, I want ice cream too, even if it’s not summer yet!

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