Around noon today,  we called my mom. “Let’s FaceTime Grandma,” Cara suggested.  In a matter of moments, we are swiping through to connect with my mom on FaceTime.  

“I hope she is home from pickle ball,” Cara continued.  Cara suggests we greet her with a silly face today. I tip the screen to only show her silly face.  “No, mama, show your face too.” I move the phone a little to show a sliver of my silly face. My eyes look tired and my nose is red.  

It felt like it took her a little longer to connect than usual, which gave me an extra moment of silly shenanigans with Cara on my lap.  Then, she appeared. My mom began by asking, “How are you feeling today?”

Of course Cara shouts, “I’m good, Grandma!”  

My response, “I am okay, mom.”

My mom rattles off a slew of questions in one breath, “Is she coughing still? How did you sleep?  Is she eating okay? How about you?” My mom has been checking in via text messages and FaceTime the last few days.  My mom knows caring for sick kids, while you are sick is tough work.

Seeing my mom reassured me that we are doing all the right things on this road to recovery.  She also reminded me that it is a blessing that we can lay low this week and try to increase our rest.  These few minutes of FaceTime made me smile.  I feel lucky to have an opportunity to FaceTime my mom for advice, support and giggles.   

4 thoughts on “FaceTime

  1. We love face time too for so many reasons! I hope that you are feeling much better tomorrow. So nice to be able to connect with your mom even if you can’t actually be together. And my mom also plays pickle ball! 🙂

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    1. I finally feel like we are starting to feel so much better! I love that your mom plays pickle ball too. My mom started playing in Florida last winter, and found a group of people that play a few times a week at our Park District back home.


  2. I love Facetime for the moments those faraway from us can still feel connected! How sweet that she has checking on you because we all know doing anything when you are not feeling well is fun, let alone taking care of a sick little one. Hope you are recovering a little more as each day passes. Enjoy your last few days of the break.

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