Spring Break Match Ups


Our day began earlier than any other day of Spring Break, perhaps she knew that this was our final weekday of Spring Break.  We made blueberry muffins and she was my stirrer. We wrote thank you cards and she was my signer, writing her name on the notes I wrote to her friends and our family.  I was the planner and she was the decision maker. I was the driver and she was my passenger.

We climbed, walked, listened, searched and explored for a few hours at the Arboretum.  We even enjoyed our lunch outside as hungry birds perched nearby to see if we would leave any crumbs.  After that, she begged for more tree mazes and we ended up hunting for more blooms and buds. But then the time came, where her little legs grew tired and she uttered the words, “Carry me, mama.”  

These three words are the indicator that she is getting worn out, but does not want to quite throw the towel in.  She tries to step in front of me to cut me off. I begin walking faster, in which she keeps up running along side of me.  I continue to walk and talk, trying to distract her mind from her tired legs by telling her the things I notice along the way back to our car.  She keeps walking while insisting I carry her.

I remind her, “You are five, your legs are strong, and you can make it to the car.”  Before we knew it we arrived back at our car on our own four feet. I did not need to swoop her up in my arms, though I would have scooped her up and wrapped her in my strong arms if I really felt the need to.  

It did not really hit me until we were on our way home, that spring break will look different next year.  As I will be a spring breaker and she will be a Kindergarten learner with a different spring break in 2020.  Perhaps we will need to get creative and fill our weekends and evenings with spring break adventures, as I am her mama and she is my girl-who I love spending time with.  

9 thoughts on “Spring Break Match Ups

  1. I love that you enjoyed the day, but don’t worry about next year! There are some benefits to separate breaks 🙂 Think of all the appointments you can make – lunch dates with friends, manicures, pedicures, massages, shopping trips, mid-day naps. Then as a surprise you can take her out of school one day and pack in all the fun!

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  2. Next year will be bitter sweet. It will be nice for you to have a full week to yourself, but I understand that it just not the same without the little ones tagging along. Sounds like you guys had a great day! I love how you make sure she is included in everything!

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  3. Oh Julie, this is just the sweetest. Having different spring breaks can be bitter sweet, they can be filled with the things you don’t usually get to do, like drop offs and pick ups. Then it also gives you time for you, which is also needed.


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