Friends & Family Dinner

Our folding tables and chairs clanged as we walked down the block to our friend’s home. Cara ran ahead a bit as she couldn’t wait to see our neighbors and family.

We have not always needed an extra table and set of folding chairs. Our dinners began with a smaller number of guests which included, my husband and I, my brother, my cousin and her husband, as well as, a friend from college who lives on our block for a total of six. As the years have gone by, my cousin added 2 daughters, we added a daughter and our friend is now married with a little one on the way. We have expanded our original neighborhood crowd, which means preparing more food and sharing more giggles as the littles run around.

Each month we rotate which Home will host neighborhood/family dinner. Our family always hosts August, November, February and May. This tradition began in August of 2009 as we all gathered at our home for an impromptu dinner on a Sunday in August to celebrate friendship and family before we kicked off the school year. As the sun began to set that evening, we made a pact to try to gather each month. Surprisingly, we have been successful every month since.

This is an amazing feat as we all balance family schedules, work, and coaching duties. We have ALWAYS found a way to pencil in a date on the calendar in which we can gather and enjoy each other’s company. It is a night we look forward to each month. Last night was neighborhood dinner night, and we had a lot of fun!

7 thoughts on “Friends & Family Dinner

  1. That’s so neat! My sister in law had a similar Sunday dinner tradition with her husband’s family when they lived closer. Everyone just knew to be available for it! It’s lovely that you have this with neighbours!

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  2. I always loved that you guys did that! I remember when you talked about it when the group was that small. How awesome that you still do it and the group just keeps getting bigger!

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  3. I love that you do this! It is so fun watching families start traditions like this. They become one that the children learn to count on and look forward too. YOu are so very blessed to have such an awesome group of family and friends so close.

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