A Grandpa Coffee Party


We ventured out to grab breakfast and coffee this morning.  My daughter swooped up the pager and began hunting for a perfect spot for us to sit.  She cautiously entered a room off of the main dining area. I did a quick skim of a sign on the door to make sure that we would not be in a reserved meeting space.    An older gentleman, assured us that we may sit nearby and he was waiting for a few of his buddies to arrive.

My daughter felt proud to find a space for us to dine.  Giving her the freedom to make this choice allowed her to have a little ownership in our outing.  As we waited for our food to arrive, she was identifying numbers on the tables and pager. This was followed by a discussion of which number was larger etc.  It warms my heart that she loves noticing numbers and words wherever we go. She is an observant little one.

Once our food arrived, more and more older gentlemen would enter the space with their coffees.  Many of these men would greet us with a smile or a warm good morning as they passed by our table.  

“Now there is ten of them drinking coffee and us two makes twelve. And if I count the pictures on the wall and the people that’s 22. Right, mama?” again her observations bring a smile to my face.  She’s constantly taking all of her surroundings in. As we finish up our breakfast, she continues, “Is it a grandpa coffee party?”

I giggle and reply, “I think it may be.”  I know the next time we venture out to this restaurant, she will be shouting, “Remember that time we sat over there and all the grandpas had coffee.”  

I enjoyed our morning outing and her curiosity of her surroundings, even if we crashed the “grandpa” coffee party.  More importantly, I think we were both excited to finally be feeling better!


6 thoughts on “A Grandpa Coffee Party

  1. What a fun little day out with Cara. The observations that come out of them is so fun to listen to. Unless they observing something they shouldn’t be, and the listening to is them saying it loud enough for everyone to hear.

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  2. I love that they notice so many things that we don’t. I also love the “grandpa coffee party” line. That is just adorable. I can’t wait to hear what she says next time you go there. 🙂


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